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Jasmine is a Milwaukee native visual artist looking to expand the awareness of black art within the city. She's done a number of community projects, children book illustrations, graphic designing and live paintings. In her free time, she does sketches, crafts and paintings.
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    Jasmine West – The Artist welcomes you to her wonderful realm of black art. By all means, PLEASE, relax yourself and click around…

Milwaukee Superhero's Mural

She did a Mural?

Fun Fact

Did you know Jasmine was in Architecture for three years? She continues to design floor place for clients and is also looking to earn a degree in Solar Green Energy in the future.


“I Love Your Brown” was a collaboration with Outspoken LLC

"Resume with my Resume`"

"Give Me Art or Else"

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  • Milwaukee, WI
  • jasmine.west.artist@gmail.com